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Orgchart Asp.Net
is a C# component which can be used to generate Organization charts and other hierarchy charts on the web, this component is a cross browser complaint and we are in the process of developing the same component for PHP and Java aswell, The component generates necessary HTML, Javascript and CSS styles required for the Orgchart, and it is very simple to implement with just 4 lines of code.

The sample organization chart displayed above is generated using Orgchartasp.net component, we are planning to come up with a Software as a service model(SAAS), so that you can use our site to define your data and styles and embed them in your portal using Javascript or Web Services.

Organization chart component provides various styles and templates to choose, we also provide HTML output of your chart via web services, we also provide various events on the client side.

Key features of the component are:

  • Intuitive.
  • Easy to embed in any web page.
  • Great level of customization.
  • Software As A Service Model.
  • Export to PDF / MS Word.
  • API Support.
  • Interopable.
if you are interested in buying the component, please email your details to orgchartasp.net@gmail.com

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